MSHA 2018 Convention


Following are the handouts that have been provided to MSHA from this year's presenters.

Handouts are saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Please note that handouts may take a few moments to download based on the size of the handouts, graphics contained in the handout, or speed of your internet connection. 

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Sessions 3-11 Improving Language and Literacy Outcomes for Individuals Who use AAC
Session 5 Genetics and Hearing Loss
Session 6 Educational Planning: For Students With Cochlear Implants
Session 8, 24, 39 Practical Applications for the Assessment and Treatment of Multilingual Populations, Parts 1, 2, 3
Session 12 Genetics and Communication Disorders
Session 13 Empowering the SLP in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
Session 15 Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets: How Does it Work?
Sessions 19-27 Cognitive Rehabilitation: Therapy...Therapy...Therapy!, Parts 1 and 2
Session 20 Setting Language in Motion: An Early Intervention Resource
Session 21 Academically Able and Autism
Session 25 Social Language Skills Training Within School-Based Curriculum: A Collaborative Approach
Session 26 A Rose by any Name: Understanding the Process of Processing
Session 28 Sensational Resumes and Successful Interviews
Sessions 33 President's Celebration - Rough Waters and Stormy Seas: A True Test of Leadership
Sessions 34-41 Dementia Intervention: Maximizing Functional Outcomes, Parts 1 and 2
Session 36 Language and Literacy: From the Parents Perspective (SLPs too)
Session 37 Making Waves With Dysphagia/Dementia Treatment and Collaboration
Session 38 Use the Clues: Differential Diagnosis and Intervention for Processing Disorders
Session 48 Aphasia Communication Theater (ACT): Changing the Tide for Aphasia Therapy
Session 49 The Independence Continuum: Increasing Communicative Competence in Young Children - UPDATED AFTER CONVENTION
Sessions 52-55 The Functional Practice of Dysphagia, Part3 1 and 2
Session 57 SMART Goals for Social Communication: Writing, Tracking and Enlisting Collaboration
Student Technical Session 13 Exploring the Link Between Pragmatic Language Skills and Social Competence
Poster 44 Therapy Strategies for Speech Disorders Associated with Cleft Palate




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