MSHA offers the following type of marketing and advertising opportunities:

Advertise Your Company in the MSHALINK.

MSHA’s newsletter, the MSHALINK, with one of the following ads:
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Ad Size
Full Page (black & white) $200
3 Full Page (black & white) $500
Half Page (black & white) $250
3 Half Page (black & white) $100
Quarter Page (black & white) $75
Eighth Page (black & white) $50
MSHALINK policies:
  • Submissions are solicited in various categories by the VP for Communication (submit your story, clinician’s corner, member news, local and regional news, university news and research)
  • Regular reports are included from the Executive Board and Committees Advisory Council reports, MSHA Workshops and Convention, and “need information?”
  • Ads are included for a fee as outlined above.
  • MSHA accepts requests to list events and activities with Executive Board approval. The guidelines stipulate the event or activity must be sponsored or co-sponsored by the association.  Requests to place information in these communication venues are subject to fees when MSHA is not a named sponsor.
  • Submissions are accepted and/or edited at the discretion of the Editor
  • MSHA disclaimer: The views expressed in the MSHALINK, MSHA’s Journal publication are the opinions of the members or contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor or the MSHA Executive Board. We cannot be held responsible for the newsletter’s content or possible typographical errors. Errors brought to our attention will appear as a correction in the following newsletter.
MSHA Listserv Policy
  • The Listserv was developed to help members share, discuss, and gather information that is relevant to our profession and association. (Previous topics discussed were: caseload counts, eligibility criteria and evaluation, YCDD eligibility, legislative updates, convention news, etc.)
  • MSHA membership is required to access the listserv.
  • The Executive Board can approve requests for listings.
  • Employment opportunities and ads for conferences and conventions not sponsored by MSHA should be referred to the website or newsletter as a fee purchase ad.