Membership Benefits

Reward yourself with a MSHA membership and receive the following benefits: 

  • Legislative Voice – The voices of MSHA members DO count! MSHA is active in legislative issues affecting our professions.
  • Registration Fees – All MSHA-sponsored workshops throughout the state, including Annual Convention, Issues & Answers for school SLPs, plus many other workshops are offered to members with a substantial savings on registration fees.
  • Low Cost Benefits – MSHA dues are much lower than other state associations. Lower dues, reduced registration, newsletters, and an on-line directory, your membership actually pays for itself!
  • MSHA Activities and Workshop Priority Status – As a member you will receive first notice of MSHA sponsored activities and workshops, through the newsletter and special mailings, that non-members may not. Due to the rising cost of postage, non-member mailings may decrease.
  • ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – CEUs are offered for all MSHA workshops and Hearing Aid Dealer’s/Fitter’s CEU’s (required for licensure) at our annual convention.
  • MSHA CEUs or MSHA Co-Sponsorship CEUs – MSHA has Continuing Education Unit approval from ASHA so MSHA can offer CEUs or can co-sponsor a workshop for your organization. Call your MSHA Central Office for more detail or visit click here for details.
  • MSHA Toll-Free Number – The MSHA Central Office has a Toll-Free number for members to call with questions or to receive information. The number is (888) SAY-MSHA 729-6742.
  • MSHA Newsletter – The latest and most up-to-date information on MSHA activities, job opportunities, news from ASHA, the Missouri Legislature, DESE, regional associations, Missouri Universities, and other agencies.
  • MSHA Website – Has up-to-date information on MSHA activities, job opportunities, news from ASHA, the Missouri Legislature, DESE, regional associations, Missouri universities and other agencies.
  • Profesional Standards – Membership in your state association is your commitment to maintain a high level of standards. As a member this may benefit you professionally through career ladder, employee evaluations, or career advancements.
  • Networking and Leadership – Members are encouraged to join a committee of interest, contact state legislators, show their presence at the capitol for Legislative Day, offer expertise for any projects sponsored by MSHA, run for an office of the Executive Board, or simply submit an article for the newsletter.
  • MSHA Member and Resource Directory – MSHA provides an online directory to its members.

Become a member, with benefits like these – you’ll be glad you did! 

Earn MSHA Bucks
Members can receive $10 in MSHA bucks when they recruit a new member in the same membership category (Active recruits Active, Student recruits Student).

Referring members must be current and fully paid for at least one year at the time of the referral.

A new member is a person who has never been a member of MSHA in the past, or who has let membership lapse for 5 years or more.

All referrals and new members must occur in the same membership year.

MSHA Bucks earned will be limited to three for a total of $30.

MSHA Bucks must be redeemed by the expiration date and can be used on Membership, Convention or Workshops.