The MSHALink is a quarterly publication provided for all current MSHA members.

Read an example of an article from a past issue:

Busy, busy and more busy. Fall into winter is, for many, the busiest time of the year. Add to that the drastic drops in temperatures and changes in weather, this time of year can be overwhelming to a busy, involved, engaged professional. Your professional responsibilities include providing services, juggling overloaded caseloads, completing reports, completing thesis papers and dissertations, writing Individualized Education Program (IEPs), billing for services, attending meetings, completing degrees, advocating for your profession, paying ASHA dues, paying MSHA dues and obtaining required continuing education units. In addition to all of these responsibilities, you are taking care of children, caring for your parents, spending quality time with family, paying bills, planning weddings,  mourning the loss of loved ones, managing finances, preparing for the holidays and traveling. And that’s just to name a few … What a season!

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