Student Membership and Benefits

Student involvement in professional organizations at the state and national level can be beneficial in preparation for the future. MSHA works to serve as a representative, voice, and source of information for clinicians, clinical fellows and university students across the state of Missouri. The Graduate Student Member on the MSHA Executive Board works to identify opportunities for students to participate at the state level and advocate for speech-language pathology and audiology students in universities across the state.

As a student member, you receive the following benefits:
  • Reduced registration fees for MSHA-sponsored workshops and the Annual Convention.
  • Scholarship opportunities to attend MSHA events throughout the year.
  • Networking opportunities through participation in committees and the Executive Board, attendance at MSHA activities and events, and mentoring programs.
  • Access to resources for questions and information via the MSHA Toll-Free number at 888-SAY-MSHA (888-729-6742), the MSHA Link (via mail or online), the MSHA Website, the Online Journal of Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OJMSHA), and the online member and resource directory.
  • Leadership opportunities, such as applying to the Executive Board and submitting articles to the MSHA Link.
  • Career building opportunities through demonstration of interest in the state association, networking with other professionals and participation in the association.

Participation in MSHA activities and events is a great way to contribute and give back to the profession. As a member, it is hoped that you get back as much as you put into the organization. MSHA prides itself on maintaining low dues, a legislative voice, and interests of its members.

Students can become involved in the following ways:

  • Become a MSHA member by registering online or submitting a paper application. Dues are $15 for one year, or $20 for two years.
  • Like the Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association Facebook page.
  • Follow MSHA on Twitter via @mospeech.
  • Participate in Legislative Day in Jefferson City.
  • Attend and/or volunteer at the Annual MSHA Convention.

As a student member, MSHA hopes to introduce you to unique opportunities in the field before you fully enter the professional world as a clinician. We hope you will share your unique perspective and experiences as a student.

MSHA Mentoring Young Professionals

MSHA established MSHA Mentoring Young Professionals (MMYP) to cultivate and provide mentoring to graduate students, clinical fellows, and entry-level clinicians. Applicants will be paired up with a professional mentor for collaboration and guidance. More information and the application can be found here.

Minority Student Leadership Program

To highlight the value of the diversity and unique perspectives of students from minority backgrounds, MSHA established the Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP). MSLP is designed to provide leadership and mentoring opportunity to these students preparing to enter the professional world.

Student Convention Scholarship Fund

MSHA strives to provide current and future professionals with the means to achieve their professional goals. As students work towards their educational and career goals, they may be financially limited due to sacrifices they have made to be successful. MSHA works to recognize the hard work of students and offers eighteen (18) scholarships for audiology and speech-language pathology students to participate in the MSHA Leadership Academy and attend the Annual MSHA Convention. This scholarship covers the registration fee and two nights of lodging.

Participants in the MSHA Leadership Academy are nominated by their university program. See MSHA Leadership Academy for full details.


The SWAPS event is designed to give current speech-language pathologists and audiologists the opportunity to donate old evaluation and therapy materials to university students in programs across the state. This event occurs every year at the MSHA Convention. Space is dedicated for clinicians to donate items and students to look through materials during the social on Friday evening of the Convention. MSHA hopes to give students an opportunity to build their resource library.

Clinicians may donate the following materials:

  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Therapy books
  • Card decks
  • Therapy games/activities
  • Textbooks
  • Resource guides/books
  • Any other materials that could be utilized for evaluation and treatment

Donated items may be dropped off at the registration desk at the Convention. MSHA appreciates the clinicians who are willing to donate to students who are preparing for their careers.

Students interested in assisting with the coordination and organization of the SWAPS event can contact the Graduate Student Member of the Executive Board.